Thursday, September 08, 2005

"ordeal" by Kit Reed

When I started reading this story, my first thought was the setting for the story was in medieval times and the boy lived within castle walls. After reading further, the setting resembled more like a psychiatric hospital where the inhabitants were kept blissfully medicated.
The villagers are kept happy by psychologists who infuse them with "life fluid". Dario had enough of living like that and stopped taking the purple vail. He says he wants to join the warriors "because nobody in the city is alive".
The ordeal starts when Dario convinces Charles that he is worthy enough to attempt the trails to become a warrior.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Week 1: Welcome to the Apocalypse

This is going to be an interesting class! I didn't think I would know anything about the sci fi genre movies and books, but I do...a little. I'm still getting my feet wet with the apocalpse thing and blogging , but I am trying.
The movie Omega Man ...what to say but, Charleston Heston. What a funny man. His overdramatic acting and overanimated speech, he's fun to watch on the screen. As far as the movie... it's a classic. Cheesy but classic. Overloaded with Christ imagery and a little racial balance thrown in to the story line.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

28 days Later...Part 1

I know I don't comment on very much in the class, so I am going to attempt to express how I felt about this movie in my blog.
I was completely captivated by the movie. I was in a trance waiting to see what was going to happen. The opening scenes disturbed me. Didn't much like seeing the chimps used for experimentation and living in those horrendous conditions. It was man's fault the infection started in the first place. Scientists attempt to manipulate the natural dispositions of the chimps in order to understand "rage" was a success, but at what costs? When can studies in science be stopped in the name of morality and what is "right". ( sorry 'bout that, I started on a rant!) Back to the movie... No, wait I have just one more comment about the chimp scene... The activist were only trying to help rescue the chimps from the lab, however I place blame on them as well. They break in to the lab and take no precaution or heed the warnings they were given about the chimps being infected with "rage". It was at least contained before they interfered. They paid no attention to the scientists warnings. It was a shame that both parties were so narrow sighted and so focused on their own beliefs to foresee the consequences. Anyway....
After that disturbing scene the movie started to get better. The length of time that Jim was in his hospital clothes wandering through the streets looking for people was so long it was comical. He was always dong something that seemed to strike as funny. But in truth I probably would have done close to the same thing s as him. I definitely would have grabbed the money. It would have felt comfortable to have in his possession something that used to have value. Especially if he was still unaware at that time that it was obsolete.
This is the conclusion of part one... I need to go to work.

Monday, June 20, 2005

English 3722: Literature and Film of the Apocalyse

This is all so new so bare with me!